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Spoil Yourself - Head to Toe

Spoil Yourself - Head to Toe Spoil Yourself - Head to Toe

Feeling tired and worn out? You are living in the 21st century after all! Everyday stresses take their toll on your mind and body, if only you could treat yourself to a Spa day of much needed rest and rejuvenation!

"Where would you find the time or money" you may ask yourself, and you carry on the hamster wheel of life. Well Aromasoothz has great news for you! We have prepared an affordable guide for 'Head to Toe' at home spa days:

Set the mood: Romance yourself by dimming the lights, eliminate noise and fill the space with your favourite scents.

Massage Candlez - For a sensual home massage. Aroma Soothz Massage Candlez (250ml) are fragranced with pure essential oils and made with soy wax. 

Ceramic Burner & Essential Oilz - Just a few drops of essential oil releases the aroma of your favourite Essential scent.

Soothing Spritz - Soften the mood with this delicately scented room spray.


Head: Tired, puffy eyes? Suffering from migraines or those dreaded neck cricks?

Soothing Eyez - Filled with linseed & lavender to pamper tired eyes. Helps to relieve nervous tension, alleviate migraines or headaches, reduce swelling and assist with insomnia.

Soothing Neckz - Heat to release the natural healing power and earthy fragrance of your choice of pure essential oils. Soothes and relieves stiff, aching necks and shoulders. Used to help alleviate whiplash, headaches, anxiety and tension.

Migraine Relief Pack - Comes with a Lavender infused Eye Pillow to relax and calm you and a Head Scents massage oil to relieve pressure.


Body: Suffering from body aches and pains?

Blissful Bath Meltz - Relaxes, revitalises and renews tired bodies and minds. 

Soothing Tummyz - Heat to release the natural healing power and earthy fragrance of pure essential oils. Soothes and relieves menstrual discomfort and muscular aches and pains. 

Soothing Sportz - Heat or cool to release the natural healing power and earthy fragrance of pure essential oils. Soothes and relieves sports aches and pains for backs, legs and joints.


Hands: Aching joints and dry, tired skin?

Soothing Handz* - Extremely effective for relieving pain, reducing inflammation of joints and improving mobility, while at the same time moisturising dry, tired hands. 

Earth Angel Hand & Foot Cream* - Helps relieve pain and inflammation as well as repairing and hydrating dry, tired skin. Contains essential oils of lavender, black pepper, camomile and allantoin.


Feet: Pamper and spoil your feet for after a hard day's work in 3 easy steps.

Soothing Foot Bathz* - Put your feet up and relax with a decadent warming experience that stimulates your chi flow. Benefits include improvement in skin texture, the elimination of foot odours and itchiness as well as improved blood circulation. 

Foot File* - Polish your paws. Most effective when used on dry skin, but can be used on wet skin too. Remove excess skin with rough side and use the smooth side to finish off. 

Soothing Foot Scrubz* - Seal the deal with this wonderful product which exfoliates and cleanses for "snuggle up" feet.

Soothing Sockz - Last but not least, comfy treatment socks that soothe and relieve tired, aching and cold feet to improve circulation and arthritic pain.


With these simple steps and affordable prices, its easy to set aside some time and spoil yourself!

*Available in a combo pack.

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