Fabulous Feet Combo

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Pamper and spoil your feet for the hard work they do all day with our Fabulous Feet Combo.

Soothing Foot Bathz

Foot File

Soothing Foot Scrubz

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Give them the R&R they deserve and let our combo help you relax and keep your feet rejuvenated in these 3 steps:

1) Put Your Feet Up and Relax
Our Soothing Foot Bathz is a decadent warming experience that stimulates your chi flow. Once dissolved in hot water, this unique combination of Rose Essential Oil and high molecular polymers forms a caviar gel substance that targets the acupoints in your feet to stimulate, rejuvenate and revitalise tired feet and minds.

Added benefits include improvement in skin texture, the elimination of foot odours and itchiness as well as improved blood circulation.

Soothing Foot Bathz are available in the following essential oil variants: (Sold in packs of 10)
– Lavender
– Jasmine
– Rose

2) Polish Your Paws
We have the best Foot File EVER!
Most effective when used on dry skin, but can be used on wet skin too.
Remove excess skin with rough side and use the smooth side to finish off.
For hygienic purposes, rinse with warm soapy water and lightly brush with nailbrush. DO NOT leave board lying in water. People suffering from diabetes or poor blood circulation should seek medical advice before using this product. DO NOT use on broken or inflamed skin.

3) Seal the Deal
Our Soothing Foot Scrubz is a wonderful product which exfoliates and cleanses for “snuggle up” feet. The natural pumice granules are suspended in a gloriously scented Lavender and Eucalyptus foaming gel.
Available in the following sizes:
– 175ml
– 450ml


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Soothing Foot Bathz


Lavender, Jasmine, Rose

Soothing Foot Scrubz


175ml, 450ml