About us

Welcome to Aroma Soothz Direct


Every Aroma Soothz product has been sourced and joyfully crafted by our all-women team based in sunny Durban, South Africa.  You are assured that only materials of the finest quality are used.  We invite you to experience the luxury of treating yourself – you deserve it.


We hope you will enjoy discovering the pleasures of our Aroma Soothz products and share the experience with all the special people in your life.


Aromatherapy is a gift to humanity. Aroma Soothz is a gift to you. With our Aroma Soothz range we are inspired to capture some of those elusive early emotions.  Our products will transport you to a calmer place. That sacred place where both your body and your mind are healed.  Where the benefits of essential oils will envelop and nourish your skin and your senses leaving you feeling pampered and loved.


How do you explain the feeling you get when you prepare a bubble bath at the end of a long day? The anticipation of easing into the warm water.  Washing out the day’s madness with the aromatic gentle bubbles enveloping your body in rainbow lightness.  From the very beginning of our lives, bathing and pampering have been the most cherished of all our daily rituals. A time when you feel very special and so cared for.


And now we bring it to you online… direct to you.


Much Love,
Your Aroma Soothz Direct Team