Help Kiddiez Sleep

As a parent, you know the challenges that we face when it comes to bedtime. When our kiddiez don’t get enough

sleep, they can get irritable and uncomfortable.


Find out 5 ways to help your kiddiez fall and stay asleep.


1. Before Bedtime-Time

The time before bed is generally what will have the greatest effect on how your little one sleeps. If they get excited

and get an energy boost, it will take longer to get them to sleep than it would if they are relaxed and comfortable.


Soothing Bootiez are a great way to get your little one relaxed before bedtime. When heated, these Bootiez release

the natural healing power and earthy fragrance of pure Essential Oilz which soothez & warms tiny, cold feet while

calming mind & body.


These Soothing Bootiez are designed with extra padding and have non-slip soles to ensure your child’s little feet are

comfortable and warm.


2. Routine, Routine & More Routine

Placing an importance on a routine helps the kiddiez understand that they need to follow them.


There is no exact routine that should be followed, but in general, yours should include all the things that your child

needs to do before going to sleep i.e brush teeth, have their glass of water/milk, kiss the family goodnight etc.


You may want to read a book with your little one, talk about the day, or hear their stories but whatever you choose

to do, it is important to ensure that you keep the routine 30 minutes or less, and ensure you are firm when it’s time

to sleep.


3. Keep Them Cosy

There is nothing better than snuggling into bed at that perfect temperature, when you are not too hot or too cold.

What most parents forget, is their kiddiez are more likely to kick blankets off during the night and can’t fall back

asleep afterwards because hey feel chilly.


Therefore, it is important to ensure that your kiddies are dressed warmly to avoid the midnight chill.

The Aroma Hugz Plush Toyz are also a great way to keep your child warm and comfortable.


Aroma Hugz are soft plush toyz with removable tummy inners that can be heated in the microwave. These toyz

are not only heatable but also contain Lavender Essential Oilz which help the kidz drift off to dreamland peacefully,

feeling warm and snuggled throughout the night.


4. Sleep Environment

Ensuring that the room is dark and quiet will help your little one avoid getting distracted during bedtime & fall

asleep quicker. If your child is nervous in the dark, turn on a small night light, or leave the hall light on and the

bedroom slightly ajar, for their reassurance.


5. One More Thing

We all know that our kidz will always ask for that one last thing before bedtime, whether it’s a hug, a drink of water

or one more book to read, that one last thing is important to them.


Do your best to make their ‘one more thing’ part of the bedtime routine and let your child know that once they have

their last request, its a kiss & a hug and then they need to sleep snug like a bug with their new bestie – Aroma Hugz.


Bedtime doesn’t have to be a difficult time and we at Aroma Soothz will help make bedtime part of the special moments

with your little one.